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About AVAVA Dwellings

AVAVA Dwellings are flat-packed, panelized construction homes ranging from 270 to 750 square feet in size that are designed from the ground up to be sustainable, efficient, strong, and elegant. Our structural designs are based on patented technology that results in rapid assembly from foundation to fully enclosed and waterproofed shell, including quality doors and windows, in four weeks or less. Time for installation of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, along with finishes, will vary from contractor to contractor. Our standardized designs allow for faster permitting as well.

Getting Started

We only sell our complete building shells to licensed and qualified contractors or developers. This will allow you to work directly with homeowners and/or contractors to determine your own terms and profit margins. We will provide preliminary design and final design services as an option to the property owner or you can use your own team of design professionals.

Each of our shell kits come with standard plans and a comprehensive installation manual that describes each step of the assembly process.

The Shell

AVAVA Dwellings sells complete shells that include everything from the structural steel floor frame assembly, SIP floor panels, engineered wood space frame (patented), panelized roof and wall systems, including built-in windows, exterior doors, and in-wall plumbing equipment. In all there are fourteen groups of assemblies or components that are flat-packed and shipped in the order that they are assembled in the field. This minimizes waste and maximizes the use of space at the construction site. A list of the shells with floor plans and elevations, including our current prices, is available upon request.


  • 01 Windows and exterior doors (Jeld Wen Contemporary)
  • 02 Structural steel frame
  • 03 Structural floor panels w/under-panel coating
  • 04 Structural wood frames
  • 05 Structural roof panels
  • 06 Exterior flashing
  • 07 Storefront system
  • 08 Exterior wall panels w/shear panels and rigid foam
  • 09 Interior wall panels w/built-in toilet tanks and water mixing valves
  • 10 Weatherproof membrane on walls and roof
  • 11 Storefront and eave soffit cladding
  • 12 Exterior foam insulation
  • 13 Standing seam metal roof
  • 14 Roof edge trim

The above items come in flat-pack form with fasteners, associated hardware, sealants, and tapes

Not included:
Shipping, Labor, Batt insulation, Sheetrock, Stucco, Flooring, Tile, Cabinets, Counter tops, Shower basin, Interior doors w/hardware, Plumbing fixtures including wall hung toilet, shower pan, and sinks, Light fixtures, Faucets, Appliances, Water heater, HVAC, Ventilation fans, Paint, Wood trim

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